What Giselle Writes

 The Fencing Master’s Daughter published by Front Porch Romance Sept 27th 2013

by Giselle Marks

Edward, Earl of Chalcombe from town with friends from his former Regiment had elected to walk home to exercise his leg wounded in the Battle of Salamanca when he became lost. Hurrying he was set upon by three footpads and knocked to the ground. Rescued by French emigrees but they refuse a reward. Enamoured of the beautiful young swordswoman he resolves to offer marriage partly to repay his debt. The romance unfolds as Edward struggles to find who is seeking his death and the secret Madelaine hides which makes her refuse his hand in marriage.

Princess of Zenina to be published by Nevermore Press
By Giselle Marks
Princess Marina on a hunting expedition to the Royal hunting reserve, Planet Qu rescues a group marooned by pirates, who are protected only by a one-armed disgraced former Markaban soldier, Major Heneran Bromarsh. She heals them and restores Bromarsh’s arm, carrying them home to Hemithea, beautiful capital city of Zenina, ruling planet of the Zeninan… Empire. Zenina ruled in tandem by Marina’s mother, Queen Kerina and the Sea Prince Nadan, where men are sex slaves and the rapacious women are stronger, is a dangerous place for unprotected men. Bromarsh strives to discover why he was framed for causing a massacre of civilians and seeks revenge.
But the plot is not easily unravelled and during his journey of discovery between women he falls under Zenina’s spell. Bromarsh is befriended by the gorgeous Charles, Marina’s slave, who though deeply in love with his mistress, is a leader of the movement for the liberation of Zenina’s slaves. Princess sets the scene for Marina to fulfil her destiny, but there are many difficulties in her way. Not least among them the Kurgian Empire ruled by the evil King Ga’Mishrin and her own aunt, Princess Zadina’s desire to usurp her sister’s throne.

If you liked The Fencing Master’s Daughter, then look forward to my second Regency Romance:-

The Marquis’s Mistake to be published mid November by Front Porch Romance
by Giselle Marks

Devastatingly handsome Sebastian, Marquis of Farndon awaits a lady, a present from his best friend Stephen for his thirtieth birthday. Alicia Lambert fleeing from forced marriage is shown into his room by mistake. Inebriated from celebrating his return to England, …Sebastian disbelieves her protests and is reluctant to let her escape. Later in London Alicia is relieved he does not recognise her and doubts as he must marry his feelings for her are real. Sebastian however is worried about the interest of the blackguard Major Mallinder in his beloved and fears for her life and that of her aunt Maud.

The Zeninan Saga 

I first started writing seriously with The Zeninan Saga following reading some excellent feminist fantasy books. I discussed the books with a friend who had recommended them and although I enjoyed the writing. I argued that if women were in power and men were the underdogs, they would have most if not all the faults of men in history. My friend suggested I writ…e it as I thought it would be and so I developed the Planet of Zenina, its Empire, enemies and neighbours.

So I invented my planet of dominant women who used men as sex slaves. I didn’t think it was that outrageous when I wrote it and had no plans beyond the first book. The series and its characters have a life of their own and when I ignore them the insist I continue to tell their story. The Saga now into its fourteenth book is to be published by Nevermore Press on the near future.


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